Allied Partners

We recommend these organizations that provide complimentary products/services to our core offerings.  Check them out below to learn more about their products and services. 

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We are a physical medicine clinic focusing on helping you Perform To Your Max in all avenues.  We specialize in Active Release Techniques which is a soft-tissue therapy focused on releasing scar tissue from over-use trauma.  We provide a team approach with on-site or clinical care focusing on individual treatments to control Worker's Comp expenses.  For more info please visit us at:


Direct Care Clinic of Northwest Arkansas

DCNWAlogoWe, your new direct primary care doctors (sometimes called “concierge care,” but different), have set up our new practice inRogers, AR, at 2103 S. 54th St., #1, and we are excited to offer information about direct primary care. Our inability to spend as much time with our patients in our previous practices has led us to opening our new clinic so that we can practice the medicine we love.  Visit us at: