Coach Connect Wellness Coaching

A broad, holistic approach
to personal wellness

A coach, using professional expertise in health and wellness along with coaching psychology, works as a client’s ally in achieving his/her health and wellness goals.  Standing alongside each other and working as a team, this relationship allows the client to grow and move forward toward his/her portrait of what a “well” being is and builds confidence in his/her ability to make lasting lifestyle behavior change.  The client and coach co-create a wellness plan, strategize to implement the plan, and connect often to analyze the plan’s successes or challenges.  In wellness coaching, the client has the answers and it is the coach’s role to help formulate the key questions toward optimal wellness!

Program Layout and Session

The initial step in the Coach Connect program is to get registered.  The client will complete various wellness forms and questionnaires prior to coaching sessions.   The wellness coaching sessions will include regular engagement between the coach and client over the duration of the coaching.  These engagements could include text, email and phone.  

Responsibilities of the Client

The client is responsible for creating his/her own decisions and results and goes into coaching voluntarily wanting to improve his/her level of wellness.  The client is ready to be open and honest, willing to share personal information as it pertains to the session.  Challenge and self-awareness are two things that the client strives for.

Responsibilities of the Coach

The coach facilitates the development and achievement of the client’s personal wellness goals.  The coach will listen thoroughly without judgment and encourage the client to elaborate to arrive at his/her own answers.

Make a Connection

Our coaches can help you piece together your ideal portrait of wellness and get you on the way to achieving your goals.