What We Do

Identify & Intervene

Salveo provides the following components utilized in this part of our process. 

  • Employee Opinion Survey
  • Online or Paper Health Risk Questionnaire
  • On-site health screenings with online scheduling
  • Company dashboard embedded in our website
  • Comprehensive individual and company aggregate reporting
  • Consulting services

We perform a detailed analysis of your health care claims utilization.  This analysis goes into much more detail than is usually provided by your TPA or insurer.   

Benefits of this Analysis

  • Identifies what is driving your healthcare costs so evidence-based interventions can be installed to properly mitigate risks.
  • Risk stratifies your population for better risk management.
  • Merges data from the health risk assessment and health screening to utilization data.  Often, claims data and risk assessment/screening data comes from different segments of your population.  By merging this data it allows for a more comprehensive look into your population’s risks.  
  • Helps lower re-insurance premiums.
  • Ability to warehouse claims data in one location providing you an infinite amount of queries.
  • Provides outcomes and ROI information (after post assessment and screening).

Targeted Interventions

Once data and survey results are analyzed, we are able to strategically determine the best intervention needs based upon the risk stratification of your population.  Our goal is to work with individuals to determine the best course of action in improving their overall well-being.  If it were not possible to work on an individual level, small groups would be the next best alternative.  Potential Interventions include:

  • Coach Connect Individual and Group Wellness Coaching
  • Weight Management 101
  • Webinars
  • Educational Classes
  • Newsletters
  • Services offered by Best In Class Providers